Monday, March 9, 2009

A Clandestine Patriotic Letter/Tale
By Azael Alberto Vigil 03-16-2008
I wrote this fictional story for entertainment hoping to avoid a tragedy.

“You can never have a revolution in order to establish a democracy. You must have a democracy in order to have a revolution.” Gilbert K. Chesterton.

To whom it may concern:

In the country of Maryland Eagle an unexpected turn of events radically began to take shape. A new black president, the death of a president, and the coming out of the closet of white supremacy groups and the Ku Klux Klan, and a new revolution.
You see, the country was founded a fourth of July in 1776, on a summer sunny day. It was a synthesis of old previous government paradigm, a fresh approach to a harmonious way of life. With blood and an unbreakable conviction in the individual’s rights to pursue happiness, soon a Constitution was drafted to guarantee the safety and well being of all its citizens. Some of the principles on which the new nation was founded were: Freedom of religion, speech and the press, right to bear arms, the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, the right against unreasonable searches and seizures, the rights to a fair trial, and the right of the individual to pursue happiness, just to name a few. This latter amendment, was the distinguish trace by which many people searching for a new way of life flooded the shores of Maryland Eagle and Ellis Island. The right to pursue happiness, freedom and liberty were strong incentives that made many people from all over the globe whish to immigrate to this new state. Without any exaggeration, it was a free country made of immigrants, where all kind of people regardless of race, color or religious creed were encouraged to find their own happiness. The North Star, also known by mystics and myself as America, was responsible for guiding the steps of this young nation into the peak of history. This juvenile homeland was something that humans’ eyes had never seen before. Full of youthful strength, visionary ideals, pragmatic values and the free spirit of an eagle, made the country a beacon of hope in a world full of chaos. Many countries all over the globe wanted to follow the young nation on the rise and practice its principles which in theory sounded as the best government system ever created by humans on the face of Earth. It was like a Greco/roman and Latin fairy tale with an Anglo-Saxon protestant twist.
A little more than two hundred years had passed since its inception, and as is usually the case with democratic experiments, it took time to finally see it working at a decent level. Things had been hard for Maryland Eagle. The 1960’s were crucial years. The civil rights struggle brought people together united in a common cause: to actually enforce the power of the constitution demanding what it promises to all citizens in real practice and not just a blank rhetoric. Blacks, Latinos, Puerto Rican, Chicanos, Native Americans, Asians, Italian, Irish, Jews, men and women, gays and lesbians came out to exercise their legal rights to demand equal jobs and educational opportunities for their communities. One can rightfully ask, “Didn’t the Constitution grant those rights to them already when it was drafted in September 17, 1787? Or was the constitution written to protect only the rights of those people with white European ancestors? I wish I had an answer for these two questions, but the truth is more complicated than the theory. During this time, I am almost sure that the aphorism “They (the government) don’t practice what they preach,” was probably coined by some revolutionary Amerindian, a woman or a black Che Guevara spokesperson. Nevertheless, an excuse was also included years ago to justify any future malfunction of the new system as if signaling the way for corruption, greediness, arrogance and incompetence. In a conversation between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, this latter gentleman (Adams) affirmed that “A free government was a complicated piece of machinery, the nice and exact adjustment of whose springs, wheels, and weights, is not yet well comprehended by (politicians) the artist of the age, and still less by the people (Mass), 1821.” As you can sense by now dear readers, that despite the progress already achieved, things were not peachy and smooth at Maryland Eagle. Racial tensions among the different ethnic and religious groups were abundant and running amok all over the land, even though the legal frame work for a democracy had already been lay out. It seems as if the Machiavellian philosophy of divide and conquer was intentionally wide spread and imprinted in the subbasement of the Nation right in its foundation. I can not stop wondering who benefited from such an unscrupulous tactic of manipulation and dirty tricks. I think it will be fair to say that although they had come a long way, people in Maryland Eagle still had a long struggle ahead of them, for Democracy is not something a nation achieve and keep on going by itself in automatic mode, but it requires the direct intervention and continuous participation of the citizens. Without the citizens’ involvement, democracy runs the risk of becoming a dangerous statement, like fascism or tyranny. The 1960’s were the great years of Democratic practice in Maryland Eagle; people massively came out to the streets to protest and show their condemnation demanding their right place in society. Drastic changes took place during this short era.

Since then, public affairs in the nation give the impression of being static and perplexing as mud in a pond or as the frantic sinister smile of a trickster. Nonetheless, the 60’s were considered by many, the golden democratic years of the nation that marked a new direction for humanity. Needless to say, it was vernacular wisdom well known by the general population that power will never give up power without putting up a brawl. Therefore, all those who held high powers in governmental positions before the 60’s, went underground to form groups of opposition to the new civil rights mentality wave. Efforts were secretly made by this latter group of bigots and racists to cut back all the advance of the CR movement. Many innocent people were forcibly incarcerated.

Years later in 2008, president elections were around the corner and the citizens of Maryland Eagle were hungry for change again. All the seed of rebellion that the civil right movement had planted and started in the 60’s came to a sudden cry off. Most of those that were then activists and involved in the civil rights struggle had become rich and joined forces with their previous oppressor, aligning themselves with the new Novus Order. A government more responsible to the need of its people was urgently needed, a government that did not exclude citizens because of their race or religion. For quite a long while, the term “white supremacist,” had become a taboo subject among the politicians, the masses and media outlets. The term implied that there was a powerful group of individuals who secretly control all the affairs of Maryland Eagle, from politic to education, to finances to foreign policies. White supremacy (a world’s sick state of mind) meant the monopoly of power gathered in a few hands. People from European blood thought that the term white supremacist referred to all Caucasians individuals and felt offended, but that assumption was far away from the truth. White supremacist, as was understood my many respected scholars and psychologists and myself, was a mentality of superiority prevalent among the rich and powerful regardless of their skin color. It was a mentality that saw the individual as potential profit, and not a human being, even if they were Caucasians. In fact, there was a great amount of white people that had participated in the civil right struggle. White supremacist thought of themselves, according to their midget mentality, the only humans whom had inherited the Earth since before the time of the pharaohs. They saw themselves as god but they read the word backward: dog. They were believers of ancient symbols and Egyptians pseudo gods and worshiped the golden cow and the albino pig. Groups such as the KKK were only small puppets in the whole scheme of things. They were the foot soldiers, the lower rank in a secret hierarchy used to attract attention to the wrong source, while the real puppeteers moved as ghosts, unnoticeable with impunity under the country’s rug, crawling like a pallid snails afraid of genetic extinction.

A rumor was spreading faster than gangrene, that there was a small group, a clique of white supremacist extremist attempting to get the control of certain “G” organization and were threatening to turn it into a white men only secret cult. A human skull and two bones across became their ensign, plagiarizing the cartoonish pirate’s flag. During election time, rumors and gossips were commonly spread far and wide so there was no need to think that everything one read on the papers or saw on television was necessarily true. What were really true in Maryland Eagle were the facts that after so many years of struggle for equal opportunity, a woman, a black man and a war veteran were running for the presidents’ office. For the first time in the history of the Nation, a woman and a black guy had the opportunity to fight to become the first woman or the first black male president. The Nation climate was slowly becoming more inclusive with all those who were previously ignored or lynched on the street. The winds of change were strongly blowing the shores of the continent. A just society was on the horizon once again, and the people were ready to receive it with open arms.

After, a very dirty political campaign directed toward himself by his political opponent, the black guy won the elections. For the first time in history, a black person was the president of Maryland Eagle. The people had massively spoken at the voting booth; they loved what he proposed to do about improving education, health care, taxes, civil rights and fiscal transparency. In short, he had promised a government for the people by the people, just as it was written in the Constitution, the law of the land. During the first 100 days of his presidency, our black, loved, and respected president had already delivered all his promises, and all the people were so happy to finally have a president who did what he preached, a president with wisdom, integrity and a kin sense of justice. Maryland Eagle was rapidly becoming what the Founding Fathers had envisioned a couple hundred years ago, a Nation of accountability, efficacy and transparency when dealing with its citizens and other nations. Professional hired lobbies were restricted in their participation deciding the country’s policies, since it was well known that they had a close connection to the profit money making machinery and were only interested in making wealth and not representing the interest of the people. Higher Education soon became free, as it had been years ago. The education for children became the best in the world, adding civic education and multiculturalism in the curriculum. The healthcare system for the elderly and retired became premium, gratis and universal. The FBI and CIA were finally dismantled and discredited for forging evidence documents and internal corruption, a new agency was created. Poverty was fought in all fronts, materially, academically, spiritually and socially. All the money that was previously squandered in war weapons’ production or used as monetary aid for corrupted governments around the globe was invested in social security benefit, and the national economy. Peace with other nations had been successfully achieved, and Maryland Eagle reputation and credibility was slowly being restored and rescued from the ditch-bankruptcy that the previous president had left her. Many critics compared the new president with FDR and J. F. Kennedy, a charismatic well liked president who made history and gave the Nation hope in a better future before he was assassinated in Dallas Texas in 1963. Things could not be going better this time; everything that was happening was like a dream come true for all the citizens, regardless of their race and creed. B. O. was not only the first black president but also the best president the country ever had. People around the globe held him in high esteem. The country was finally on the right path to prosperity, balance and happiness. The years of fears and terror utilized by the previous administration against all its citizens were long gone. No more Patriot Act, no more eavesdropping on the population, no more civil rights violations. Only vestiges of schizophrenia and ethnocentrisms were still seen and reproduced by the media in small doses. In an attempt to avoid the same mistake done after Vietnam, accommodations were made to help incorporate war veterans into society while helping them, and their families, to cope with the post-war syndrome. All the civil rights that were unconstitutionally taken away by the most grotesque, clownish, arrogant and sarcastic president in the history of Maryland Eagle Mr. Jorge Arbusto Booshitt, were reinstated immediately. The country was running optimum, and an impeach trial against president Arbusto and his gang was on its way, but he had fled the country. Some people say he was hiding in England. He had been seen drunk as usual, accompanied by a sardonic obsolete king with the Scotland Yard as bodyguards covering their trail. Vice pres Chaney had rented a five star five diamonds Nazi bunker in Argentina, hiding as usual, from accountability while planning his return.

Responding to the peoples’ strong request to finally have an official transparent government inquiry with reference to the real people intellectually responsible for the assassinations of prominent political figures such as Martin Luther King Jr, JFK and his brother Robert, and Malcolm X, the new president opted to disclose official FBI files. It was decided that the best way to help the Nation heal and move on with transparency and accountability, the intellectual responsible, and not just the decoy used to commit those crimes against the nation, needed to be expose in order to give them their right place in history next to Hitler, Pinochet, Fujimori o D’awison and other infamous soul-less individuals. The idea of bringing them to justice, dead or alive, all those who planned and benefited from these murders, sent a wave of chills to their living descendants. Their cry served as an indication that the monsters were still breathing among us, waiting to strike back. Thirteen days before disclosing the files, and 1333 days after he became the first black president, O.B. was shot in the head point-blank martyr style while giving a speech at White Head University in Mississippi. Riots broke out everywhere in the nation. People were crying blood tears and could not believe what had happened. I was also crying. Somehow, it felt like time had stand still, and history was repeating itself all over again. But this time, the people were ready to fight back and demanded answers, accountability. They knew that a simple statue to honor B.O., new libraries or even airports carrying his name could not suffice to avenge his death. Neither fear nor terror would work on them this time, for they realized that fear was responsible for them not taking action the first time these kind of political crime took place back in the 60’s. Here was the nation for the first time face to face with white supremacy and it’s greediness at its best. It was no longer a secret anymore; it was real, tangible and horrible. The people had been deprived of their democratically elected leader. Chaos reigned everywhere. A national revolution began. All people, young, old, men and women from all walks of life came together to defend the nation from falling back into the hands of corrupted professional politicians, lobbies, business tycoons and religious fanatics. Everybody rebelled against the oppressive system that had been working illicitly under the sun light in plain view. Before, people were reluctant to recognize it, but now, it was too late for them and the only patriotic thing left to do was to defend the constitution with their lives if it was necessary. “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing,” Thomas Jefferson had warned the nation years ago, perhaps now was the time to act. The struggle is still going on today. The first one to be lynched was Rush Limbo a prescription drug addict, radio personality, an instigator and a hater, whom had been openly and secretly praying on radio waves for the death of our president.

I hope that the best of human nature, the best of human kind come forth and rescue my beloved homeland. I am writing this narrative from prison, I was falsely accused, as hundreds of others, of rebellion and treason for openly expressing my loyalty to the Constitution and the Nation and not to their golden cow philosophy. The physical and psychological torture I have endured had only helped me reaffirm my conviction in the universal liberty of men/women. If you get to read my letter, I will probably be departed by then, for these monsters intent to kill me slowly, but I hope that it helps you open your eyes so you can be on the alert. If it happened to me today, it could happen to you or your children tomorrow. I pray to the North Star, that the Land of the free and the home of the brave one day will look back and see me as a great patriot, and read this letter to their children so the spirit of youthful rebellion may never die in our beloved Maryland Eagle. Sincerely, Americo Salvador Coqui (Dungeon # 13).

“When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I was not a Jew.

When they came for me,
There was no one left to speak out.” By Pastor Martin Niemoller (1892-1984)

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